Montreal Corporate Events, Banquets and Quebec Private Parties

THEY improv is a leader in training and bonding for multi-national companies and provides improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for a variety of groups and gatherings throughout Quebec.

For companies, THEY have a variety of team building and training programs to enhance client and employee appreciation, holiday gatherings and meetings and incentives awards programs.

montreal corporate events private parties banquets quebec

Montreal Corporate Events, Banquets and Private Parties

Quebec Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Murder Mystery Dinners

they improvIf you have a group looking for quality Montreal corporate event, banquet and private party entertainment, look no further than THEY improv to get you what you need in Quebec!

Though the area is largely speaking in French, our focus is on dealing with companies that are engaged in business in the United States. This means that we mainly work with companies in English, helping them to better work with the US and help US companies engage their employees in Montreal. This positions us in a niche that is under-served in the province and we hope you will find our services useful.

Whether you'd enjoy an improv comedy, interactive game show or murder mystery dinner, THEY improv can provide you with a Montreal private party, corporate event or murder mystery dinner that will help you succeed beyond your expectations!

detectiveTHEY improv leads the way for Canadian murder mystery dinner shows for Montreal private parties, banquets and corporate events. With a cast of detectives, femme fatales and plots customized to each group at a venue of your choosing for luncheons or dinner shows, THEY improv will have your group trying to discover whodunit while laughing the night away. And for smaller groups, THEY improv has a game show where the participants play all the characters in a mix and mingle party designed to get people to talk to each other and have a great time in a no-pressure environment.

emceeImprovisational comedy is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group. The nature of this show is lightning in a bottle. There are moments that can never be repeated because everything is made up in the moment. The audience shares the creative process and can be active participants in the fun.

happy gameGame shows invite your group to participate more directly through actually coming up on stage and being put through TV Show-styled game shows to compete for not very expensive prizes (we wouldn't want anyone unhappy that they didn't win). With a wide selection like our version of the Family Feud, the Match Game, Minute to Win It or the Newlywed Game, there is something to take care of your group.

For families, this can take the form of celebrations for graduations, birthdays, Sweet 16, reunions, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs and just about anything else you can think of.

Besides the great restaurants and hotels, THEY improv can come directly into your home. This can provide the most intimate of options for your amusement for family gatherings or an out of the office evening of bonding. This opens whole new ideas and possibilities that you might not have even considered.

All of these forms are excellent ways to boost the morale at meetings and incentives awards gatherings providing new ways to get people to work together for team building while showing your appreciation for their hard work. Whether you are looking for employee recognition, an office holiday party, Halloween or Christmas gift exchange, Boxing Day or simply a good time, we have ideas that can help your organization with its bonding.

La Vieille Capitale certainly is dominated by those that speak French. There is a large amount of business still conducted in English due to the proximity of the US. Part of our effort in working in Canada is to better enable our US clients to rely on us for worldwide service. Through local talent we are able to enhance their experience with us. We aren't looking to supplant French companies in the area, but instead work specifically for those desiring to enhance their relations with companies from the US.

Likewise, as is the case with so many in Quebec, many of the people we work with are natural French speakers and so we could provide services in French as well and we'd consult with them to better understand their American counterparts. As we mentioned, however, most of our clients will be US companies working in the province, and so this website is focused in English as well. If you would like this information in French, simply ask.

Dealing with various cultures and having employees recognize each other as human beings as opposed to stereotpes is a key to helping employees one. THEY improv has programs that can prove useful to you to get your emploees to bond.

Its location just north of the top of New York and Vermont means that there are many people that simply drive across the border to enjoy a great time and the culture shift that Old Montreal represents compared to life in the US. This means that the tourism industry here has to cater to Americans. THEY improv can train your staff meet most any situation with hospitality training or even providing entertainment for visitors. Simply call to learn more.

Montreal private parties for families or corporate events are improved through all of these programs. And for a municipality as interesting and diverse as the people are, THEY improv is ready to provide for all. After all, being improvisers, THEY can adjust to practically anything.

THEY improv is proud to serve the entire area, though most often in English, including Downtown, Plateau Mont-Royal, Mile End, Outremont, Cote des Neiges, West Mount, TMR, Saint Laurent, West Island, NDG, Mount Royal, near the airport, the north and south shores and practically anywhere else you can think of.

THEY can help companies of every sort, from administrative to the government agencies to tourism related businesses such as hotels. THEY do so by consulting from the US and directing assets in Canada to meet your particular needs.

Contact us by email at info@THEYimprovCanada.com or by calling 866-219-4386.

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